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≫ Featured on ABC, SBS, Asia Times, The Conversation, DailyMail, Daily Sun, Lifehacker and Business Insider. I am a Senior IT Lecturer at a large Australian University with cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research in Cyber Security, Blockchain and EdTech.

≫ My expertise is underpinned by a PhD in Cyber Security which earned me the Alfred Deakin Medal.

≫ I also have a range of Advanced Micro-Credentials in Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication, Teamwork, Data Analytics, Innovation, Digital Literacy and Digital Learning.

≫ Founder of my own technology consulting company Cognivity where I believe and help every organisation to be able to understand and utilise the most innovative and latest technologies in a safe and secure way to conduct business.

≫ I excel with the challenge of explaining complex theory and practice to diverse audiences and have been formally recognised with three awards for Vice-Chancellors Teaching Excellence in 2016/2017 and 2018.

≫ I will provide you with research-driven, innovative and well-explained solutions that may assist with the problems you are having.

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The short answer is yes. No need to reinvent the wheel again.
Most likely the underlying fabric is focused towards the mechanism for advertising and selling generic products but you tailored those products into something specific.

Keep the same mechanics just change the design and repopulate the products with the new ones you wish to sell.
The great thing with code, especially if you are talking about a similar marketplace model, it can be repurposed to suit your new needs.
Definitely, don't pay again to have it all recreated from scratch!


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