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Nice idea!

You would most likely need an app for that, with outbound links to the right products. You can definitely offer extra services (matching reccomendations for instance).

Happy to discuss it further if needed: I have over 10 years work experience in eCommerce


First of all, congrats for the excellent, high quality videos you are producing. Had a look at your portfolio and I am impressed.

Regarding the amount of followers you currently have, I feel that there is an untapped potential you can exploit: it is a matter of reaching the mostly qualified audience for your business. Remember that your goal is expanding your reach, but at the same time remaining targeted on connecting with B2B clients rather than a generic audience that appreciate your pieces of work.

Here you have some initial ideas:
- Create a solid content plan about what stories you want to tell and your USPs
- Have a coherent social media calendar (not conflicting across platforms)
- Have clear in mind your goals per platforms: each platform has a specific public. Even the same person is on more platforms intents are different

I have an extensive experience in digital (been working in global digital strategy for adidas since 2013) + I have just consulted on a similar topic a doc agency in London (The Doc Collective).

Happy to discuss this further


I have been working for adidas since several years so I do have quite some experience with marketing in this field.

PR and influencer marketing plays a great role as you mentioned, but those needs to be connected to the rest of the consumer journeys in order to generate sales.

Additionally, a good ecommerce strategy pass via a continuous optimization of the merchandising offer and how this is connected to marketing. A release calendar connected to your PR can be a good start for instance.

Happy to discuss this more in details.

All those questions make sense, however I would suggest to first set up a process and list of tools you would use to define your marketing strategy.

You would need to run in parallel an analysis of what your brand stands for you (e.g. core values, relationship to company mission, connection with NPD etc) and what your brand stands for the consumer (e.g. perceptions, intent of use, etc).

Those two exercises need to be compared to spot any misalignment/missing opportunity.

Additionally, before defining your 4Ps tactics you would need to draft your ecosystem and the related consumer journey.

I would be happy in supporting on these tasks: I am working in the global marketing department of adidas since 7 years so I have an extensive experience in B2C (health/fitness, etc).

I have been managing CRM and Customer Acquisition campaigns for global brands such as adidas or Vistaprint so I am quite familiar with this topic.

In order to increase your open rates you can use several tactics:

- Continuously test your Subject Lines. You need always to keep testing since there is no secret recipe on creating the magic subject line
- Have a consistent brand domain/sender domain
- Prepare beforehand an email marketing plan with sending out dates/times, topics... it is crucial to have a valid strategy in place
- Study your consumer behavior and journey: open rate may be affected by that. For instance a consumer may be not willing to open a commercial email if he/she is still considering/evaluating your product
- Study the best time of day / day of the week where to connect with your consumers via email

Regarding getting a better in box placement, here you have few considerations:
- If you email in about a promotion, it makes sense that it should be within the Promotion tab. So review what is the promotional strategy of your competitors before planning yours
- Avoid using any concepts (text, content, domain, images) that may sound repetitive/spammy
- Plan a different inbox placement strategy for sender. Gmail should be your main focus but do not forget other providers (Hotmail. etc..)
- A review of your html email template needs to be done periodically to be always up to speed with new email providers functionalities. This will allow you to reach easily a better inbox placement.

I am happy to discuss all these points further and to give you useful tips on how to improve your CRM strategy and how to connect it with the rest of your digital strategy.

My suggestion is doing this type of exercise once a year. From my experience as start up consultant this should be done at the moment of business planning and then periodically.

However SWOT analysis is not the only valuable tool you have: you need to combine this exercise with other strategic tools (for instance value chain analysis, review of market trends, BCG matrix and more).

Give a particular relevance to the analysis of external factors, since, again from my experience, those ones have a critical impact on the medium term sustainability of your start up.

Good luck with your business and keen to connect in case of questions.

Across a decade, I have been working client-side with several digital marketing agencies (both global and local ones) and I am also collaborating with a very young digital agency as a consultant.

In my opinion, for young agencies the best customer acquisition strategy pass via referrals. Delivering the best service to your current customers will dramatically increase the chances of getting newer clients via them. From my experience, specially in some sectors (Retail, Consumer Goods, even B2B) this is one of the most effective strategies.

On top of that, you would need to have your digital marketing and communication strategy sorted out. For instance:
- have a relevant, clear, SEO optimized website
- a coherent social media strategy across a variety of channels. Social Media is key to reach a broad variety of leads
- a localized PPC strategy may also work under certan conditions
- depending on budget, some digital agencies also run "guerrilla marketing campaigns".

Happy to provide more details in case you are interested.

Depending on the scope of the company you can try to offer a broad variety of services with your co-marketing campaign.

For instance, just to name a few:
- any services related to SEO optimization. SEO and UX are strictly interconnected; most of the clients who are looking for UX reviews may be interested in SEO audits as well
- any services related to designing ( graphic designing, logo building, naming, etc) are also strictly connected with UX. Additionally, you can gain the halo effect of being endorsed from an UX design company: this helps in terms of reputation
- any more technical (back end) services related to content management systems
- and, broadly, any digital consultancy services.

This is just a short list since the options are countless: I work for a global brand and we have run several co-marketing campaigns. It's key understanding the partner you are engaging with to define the best way of planning the campaign.

Happy to chat for more details.

My suggestion is to define first a marketing and a media plan in place. This will help you listing the potential activities/channels you need to use to reach your goals and the associated costs to it.

I have been managing eCommerce website within the Sport Industry for several years: there are some channels that are proved to work better than others. For instance, SEM has usually a good ROI if well optimized and if you get the right keywords. And don't disregard to have a good SEO strategy, covering the right keywords. If you have nice curated content, I am sure you can easily get fast an healthy positioning.

Another quick tactic is focusing on Social Commerce: it is proven to work, specially for fashion/sport related products. It is critical have a wide product feed, good images and have in place the right targeting strategy.

I am able to provide further details if needed.


I have been working several years in the Creative Services industry (both as a client of creative agencies and as a manager of an internal creative department). The competition is very tough specially when the value added requested from a client is low (e.g. repurposing existing content, creating email templates etc).

The way I managed to reposition this creative services company towards profitability has been investing in Value Added proposition. In other words try to get better clients or clients that are demanding more from you. This will enhance your product offering and allow to get a better positioning.

At the same time, try to organize the company in a profitable way: have a solid strategist team, but also the flexibility of freelancers when peak of demand are expected.

Happy to discuss this further in a call.

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