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Most of the programming bootcamps are primarily designed to create junior developers, not startup founders. That said, if you take a programming bootcamp, it will probably help you to deal with technical challenges.

The reality is that building a company is way more than knowing how to code, and you'll have to invest time to face other non-technical challenges.

If you are interested in having a more strategic vision on the product of your company, I would encourage you to consider the option of learning Product Management as well. I am the CEO of Product School, a 6-week part-time Product Management course in San Francisco:

I have organized over 25 online webinars during the last 2 years about topics related with online marketing and product management. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to get viral power. It would be helpful if you provide more context so my answer could be more accurate to your particular case. If you are organizing your first online webinar your challenge should be how to get 1 viewer that cares about what you do. Then we can keep talking about next steps.

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