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Founding partner and Director of Andromeda Media in Belfast Northern Ireland. I set up the company earlier this year with two of my buddies that share the same passion I do. We believe that affordable yet engaging marketing services are required for all businesses regardless to their size and budgets. From simple branding to more complex tasks like strategy and web design.

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Hi, Market Research is one of the most important tasks to undertake when either starting up a new company or expanding into to territories.

There is plethora of tools you can use, some are free and some you may need to pay for. It also depends on the level of work you are willing to put in.

Mintel & Euromonitor are the go to sources for market research data. Here you can alter and set your criteria and deep dive into different industries to find the information you need.

Surveys are an awesome to gather intel on your prospective market. You can create free surveys through services like SurveyMonkey. You can actually ask the questions you want the answers to!

Turn to Social Media, engage with your followers to find out what products and services really gets their motor running. From this you can now start to make informed decisions that have the most likely return on investment.

Finally you've got the web, use it to its full potential and start researching your competition. Take a lot on the Maps and see how far or close your nearest competitor is.

If you need any further help my team and I or on standby!

I hope this helps you with your research! Good Luck!! :D /C

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