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TikTok Ads. Google Ads. Facebook Ads.
TikTok Ads. Google Ads. Facebook Ads.
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Engaging and communicating with your prospects is a sure way to build rapport and increase brand awareness in your local area.

For a chiropractor, returning clients are typically the largest revenue stream. I would focus on reaching out to past clients and provide a compelling offer to get them in for another visit.

If you are seeking to build new business, I highly recommend that you consider paid social initiatives (aka running Facebook ads). With a proper Facebook ad campaign targeting the right people, with the right message, at the right time, you are in a great position to quickly generate leads.

I'd recommend defining what type of art you are seeking to find on Instagram. For example, optical art is a specific type of art. After some searching on Instagram, I was able to find #opart, which focuses on this particular type of artwork.

To become more noticed on Instagram, I'd recommend finding a niche. Instead of creating an Instagram account about art, a better strategy would be to create an account about a specific type of art such as optical illusion artwork.

The more specific you are about your niche, the better you are positioned to grow on the Instagram platform.

Yes, it is possible to sell t-shirts through Instagram direct messages (DMs). I'd recommend using an online payment processor such as Stripe (, so you can accept orders and track your revenue. As your business grows, consider using an e-commerce platform like Shopify (, so you can reach more people.

I'd recommend attending trade shows and conferences focused on the tech industry.

Another great option would be running a Facebook Ad campaign targeting organizations who best represent your ideal client.

You can also try LinkedIn Sales Navigator and cold emails to cultivate your b2b leads.

Any of these are viable methods for lead generation. It's best to try each one and see what results you get.

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