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I am a Monday.com consultant, business optimisation specialist & Founder of Kick Consulting. I am fantastic at keeping everyone on track with projects and love improvement and efficiency.

Wondering why do you need a Monday.com expert? Here are 6 reasons: https://www.kickconsulting.com.au/post/why-you-need-a-monday-expert

I'm Monday.com expert and partner from Australia. I specialise in optimising Monday.com to get maximum results for your business.

As Monday.com specialist, I complete an in-depth analysis of your current Monday.com set up and provide suggestions on how you can automate your operations further, whether that's through Monday.com native automation, Zapier or code.

If you don't have Monday.com set up in your business, I can't recommend it highly enough. Anything you can imagine, Monday.com can do it.

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I found “Biological Prime time” method works best for me, allocating time blocks for tasks and prioritising the tasks from the day before.
Your Biological Prime Time is the time of day when you have the highest energy levels, so you're most likely to be productive with your work. Mine is before 12pm. I put my phone on DND and do most of my tasks from 7-12, leaving my afternoons for phone calls and meetings.

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