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Ideally yes you would want to work with someone who is a Food Scientist or Chemist who can give appropriate recommendations for preserving the food, multiplying the recipe and etc. Also, depending on your location, there may be differences based on the governing food or agricultural body for requirements to commercialize a recipe or get appropriate licensing. That way you can ensure that you and the baker that you partner with follow necessary protocols and scale the recipe effectively.

Hello! Happy to discuss with you. Can you elaborate on the questions that you have on Marketing Strategy? Let me know if you'd like to set up some time to discuss.

Hello! I want to ensure that I understand the question. Are agents having to call customers back in order to resolve their issues or concerns? If so, I would ask how well-versed are the agents in the business/product? Do you have a knowledge base or ongoing training to help the agents to stay on top of the changes in questions that are being asked and how to resolve certain issues?

I'd love some more information about the timing and reasons behind the timing to make a better recommendation.

Hello! Do you have questions about specific social media platforms or how to grow and scale the business?

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