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Leonid Denisov is an ex-Cisco Freelancer and Business Development Director for Telecommunications, IoT and Connected Car , based in Spain He has 15+years of experience in global IT vendors and service companies (Cisco, Accenture etc.). He is currently an independent consultant focusing on IoT (internet of things), Machine Learning, Cloud, CCAR in the EMEA region. He has held this role, based in Spain, since April 2019. Prior, he served as Strategic Account Manager IoT Cloud EMEA from October 2016 to April 2019. In this role, he closed major deals with 3 automotive Connected Car OEMs. Prior, he served in a contracting role at Jasper within the Market Development function - Russia and CIS and EE. Jasper, now part of Cisco, is a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader. Leonid's experience is in Network Products and innovative Managed IT Services driving revenue through building and maintaining client relationships. His strengths are problem solving and strong interest in helping the clients succeed, which enables him to sell on benefits and present the company as reliable and trustworthy. Keywords #iot #ccar #cloud #telecommunications #mobile #machine_learning

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There is a formula in Operations Research which exactly tells you the desired inventory size based on the monthly/annually shipments runrate and the acceptable backlog. Look at the inventory theory here https://www.ime.unicamp.br/~andreani/MS515/capitulo12.pdf

Be a bit more specific about what specific Internet of Things Use Case you are thinking about. Then the question will be a valid one - and can be answered by me or another IoT subject matter expert. The key is the Use Case in as much detail as possible .

It is a usual situation that one market is a role model for the other one. So instead of doing 2 starts at a time it could be better to start on the market which is the assured model one. The secondary market will be served easily then.

Make a search in the industry it is related to. It could be that there is some Simple and Stupid practice being used instead of an IoT solution.

Hello , I would suggest to be more specific as Application Development in IoT is highly specific for every industry and even use cases in the same industry. So the basic questions you need to ask first - who will be using the Application? what are the devices you are making IoT ? What is the data volume per day per session per month ? What is the uplink/downlink speed per device? How many devices should be rolled out? Is that data being collected in the Cloud or elsewhere? How secure the Application/Data should be ? What are the geographies - Global, USA, EMEA, APAC etc? Based on the profile you can find the right Architecture and then you can get a reasonable Application development supplier. I can discuss on the phone in more detail.

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