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Branding & Packaging Agency Owner. Launched and rebranded thousands of products in the past 10+ years. Expert at product development, package design, and co-packing. Works directly with domestic and international manufacturing companies. Owner of Simply Nuna™ Aromatherapy

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I would not recommend or/and There is a lot of run around with both of those sites. I would look for a factory overseas that can help you get a high-quality bottle. How do you connect with someone? You can do a simple google search to start out and start digging from there. Or you need to work with someone who has worked with these factories in the past. I have overseas connections from working with clients in the past. Its a lot of digging annd networking, but worth it in the long run.

Ahh I have so many folding carton vendors that I work with across the US both Digital and Offset. Choosing which one depends on a lot. I can help you.

You need a good sales rep that had the connection into the retail markets that you want to be in. A soild pitch deck and sales sheet for each SKU is absolutely necessary to get noticed. The sales rep getting you in there is only half the battle. Getting them to actually get interested in the product is all based on your deck and dollars. There is a lot more that comes with retail. Getting in the door is one thing. You will need marketing dollars to get there. If you want a connection to a great sales rep I can help you.

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