C. CardinotI love to help people achieve happiness.

Certified Primary Teacher
Certified English Language Instructor
Have taught for over a decade people from all walks of life and varied age groups the content they needed in the shape they craved.
Throughout those years, have become a renowned expert in creating unorthodox strategies based on who each person is. And, based on such, had been able to help people conquer their dreams.
Currently writes to a web-based daily newspaper in Brazil, Globalizado: https://globalizado.com.br/estranho-nao/.

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I am a techer and instructor who's been offering services to schools and universities, as well as to students of both kinds of institutions for the past few months here in Brazil.First of all, you must define whether your services are delivered presentially, having a field agent or crew, or if you're going to rely on the digital solutions we luckily have nowadays.
Once you have such answer, you must think long and hard about ways to get as much info on the college's council or board and the best manners to approach each one of them, for different people have different needs.
After that, you should build a very polite and well revised e-mail and send them offering them what you have to offer and telling them all the wonderful benefits they are going to have by hiring your services, be nice, okay? Hope to have helped in your quest to success. If you have further questions or need help to think creatively and strategically solutions to this challenge, feel free to call me, alright?

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