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Co-CEO at Hfiive ( Former Head of Enterprise Sales at Trello (Atlassian). Previously started 500 Startups-backed, Gogohire - Sales Talent Network; grew the company to $1M Run Rate, 350+ customers, $200M in GMV. One of the first sales hires at LinkedIn and launched LinkedIn's Sales Solutions division.

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I would speak with Their platform integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, Engagio, Outreach, etc. and it will allow you to track when discounts are applied with your members.

I would recommend checking out (free - opensource marketing automation platform self hosted or on AWS) or ($59 - one time fee) hosted on AWS.

The downside is that you will need to have someone build out the HTML email templates. Also, if you are not that technical, you will likely need someone to help you set up these platforms. I'd find someone on Upwork -- $15 to set up, and will definitely be more expensive for the email template.

I’d recommend using LinkedIn. It’s where you’ll find the highest quality sales talent. The hard part is knowing who’s on the job market.

I’d conduct the search on LinkedIn and then either scrape the profile data (first and last name, and company) or use LinkedInHelper to auto connect with candidates.

If you going the scraping route, I have a guy I can get you in touch with the sells the scrapper for $150. Just direct message me. Once you have the CSV file of 1,000 potential candidates, upload it to Toofr to get the candidate emails. Then use Mixmax or Outreach to mass email them. Keep the email short. Ask them if they are on the job market or know of anyone on the job market in sales (offer a $500 referral bonus).

The other option is to use LinkedInHelper to auto connect with candidates. You can add a customized message with the auto connect using LinkedInHelper. Once the candidate accepts the invite respond promptly to set up a call.

Use the free HubSpot CRM or Trello to manage your candidate pipeline. Use Hubspots meeting schedule or Calendy or ScheduleOnce to schedule interviews.

Check out the book Top Grading for Sales— there’s lots of good information on how to source and vet top sales people.

In my opinion, it’s a numbers game with sales hiring. Start with a wide funnel and narrow it down quickly through Top Grading. Good luck!

I would find talent on UpWork. If you post one job and include your Skype or Email the response will be overwhelming. I am not sure you are going to want some high quality candidates -- I'd create a Google Form with a series of questions to properly vet the candidates coming through. You can then put your top five candidates on a one week trial period measuring the quality and speed of their work to determine if you would like to continue working with them.

You definitely want to work on problems that you are very familiar with, as your ramp time to get your business going will be less.

The best article I have read on this topic:

Most startups use If you need to verify 300K emails make sure you use their API to do so. You'll get shut off if you upload CSVs of email addresses.

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