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Hello and I hope you are doing well. I have worked with so many people who have tried and failed with starting a business and offering services. I see there are wonderful answers here for your post. But one key issue and thing to really look at is what type of commitment are you willing to make and do regarding marketing, ads, and sales promotions. No matter what services you might be an expert at or are offering no one will see it. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. unless you put intense effort in marketing your unique business. Also using this site and others is another great way for visibility but you have to do email campaigns, push videos, posts, blogs and attack it like the customer is everything. So I know you asked for what services, but be prepared to do the rest to make your services successful.

Hello and such great questions. You are currently running a service based business and you need to reach out to a lot of people and using a very focused approach. We know that activity is everything, meaning emailing, cold calling, focused ads with proven benefits for every new customer. So in sales all sales reps, account reps. and inside sales and marketing need real solid leads and data/information. I highly recommend Seamless.AI for all the information you need, (Names, Titles, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Business Outlines, etc.). Why? Because it uses the most advanced AI technology in the world and at a reasonable price point. You have to target new clients and customers and who would be the perfect persona and title. Marketing to the proper people and marketing to the correct business is everything. But have the data at 99% correct and in real-time is what sales people need. I'm a Software Sales Executive and I managed 100 people. So targeted campaigns, proper information and intense daily activity is the things you need to be successful. Hope this information provides a road-map to success.

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