Nina CaseyBookkeeper for small businesses

I am an independent bookkeeper based in the Washington DC area. I provide customized virtual bookkeeping services to a clients with wide variety of service and product-based industries. I am a passionate envelope budgeter and work with many of my clients to implement systems like Profit First to help them manage their cash-flow. My passion is helping small business owners consistently squeeze every ounce of value out of their accounting systems.

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Share with your personal network, starting with family and your IRL friends when you see or communicate with them next, that you're looking for clients. They know you and actively want you to succeed and will be excited to give a great personal referral to someone they know who needs your services.

Start small with what's available online.

Even with the most careful planning, your business model is guaranteed to morph substantially as you discover exactly where that perfect intersection between what you love to do, people you love to work with, and what you'll be well-compensated for exists.

Opt for "good enough" tools that don't require a big up-front cash layout so that you can be agile if you decide to pursue a different type of client or pivot the business' focus.

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