Matteus SobczynskiVast experience in SCM, Change- & Innovation Mgt.

Enabler of Change and Innovation at adoptr, Former Head of Logistics for the Schuberth Group Worldwide, Numerous years of Change and Innovation Management Experience.

Being it establishing new tradelanes or restructuring logistical organizations, there is little I haven't done in my field. SCM is a passion of mine, and with the tools at my disposal (Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen), I have brought a vast amount of value to numerous organizations

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Its not impossible, and unlike all other answers here, it could even be a exclusivity based concept…. I totally believe that if you setup a plausible strategy, this could be a innovative way to create a exclusive brand. Do understand, that you might at some point reach a limit on your own resources, so you might need to hire new collegues to do the same.... I mean its unusual.. but hey sometimes unusual is what sells

Having skills is one thing, and you sure have some useful ones… You need an idea… What hobbies do you have… often you can use your skills to take hobbies to a different level… Here is a cool exercise… go through a day, and make notes of daily challenges… and i mean the smallest every day hassels… after doing that for a day… brainstorm solutions for these everyday issues…. Do you know what is cool about every day issues… everybody has them, so any solution is probably scalable…. So dont reinvent the wheel… find a simple solution for simple everyday issues

Insanely... and as the review data online start merging, it will be even more significant... Make sure your product meets expectations... and if something goes wrong, make friends with complaints....

Did you know that having an fancy expensive website doesn't do it either...I mean you can pour thousands of dollars into a website... but without traffic, it wont be worth it... Find you target demographic.. Schools, Community Centers etc... and go old school... HANG UP A FLYER!.... that will get you going... if your product is awesome... the organic word to mouth method will get you students... So two things.... do not be afraid to go OLD SCHOOL... and be sure that your product is of quality...

You need to be doing three things with the initial money you make .. You should be looking into updating your "toolbox" with sensible purchases… KNOW that buying that particular tool will make your product better, or better yet, give you a edge on your competitors… do not buy something because it feels logical for the business you do... Your purchase has to have an immediate impact on your next order... Secondly, but some aside... make sure that you have a little fall back money... there will be tough times.. there will be less tough, if you prepare.... and third... REWARD yourself....or others .. make having your back.. let it be noticeable that you are making money... it doesn't have to be a Rolex.... … have a story about how you spent your first hard earned cash.

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