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Founder of Backpack Media, a mobile development consulting company. Host of 'Code Break' podcast. Passionate about mobile development and automated app deployments.

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These tools are usually good for getting started if you don’t have the skills. As you gain traction you should look more into hiring a developer. If using one of the tools I’d make sure that it will be easy for someone that can code to jump in and make needed changes.

Personally I have never seen anyone do this nor do I think it is particularly necessary. You do want to make sure you check what your app does in a paused state (incoming call, app switching, rotation) if you need to save data or are showing sensitive user data.

I say use plaid. They work well with banks and seem to be a standard for this type of thing.

There are two ways to do this: You can allow customers to control 2 channels for free and then if you want to more control, the customer pays. Another way is to start with 7 days free fully functioning but have an alert that tells them that you only get to keep 2 channels after the 7 day period is over. I'd be happy to speak with you in more detail on this.

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