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Imagine Cup Mentor, Founder of Lionsharp a Creative Technology Start-up. Entrepreneur in Residence at CU Boulder. Can advise on Fundraising, Incorporating your company globally, Enterprise IT choices, Project Management, Development efficiency tips, team growth and technology choices.

The advice comes from years of experience leading a team successfully through the daily start-up grind. I know it's hard, and i'm here to help.

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I'm a CEO who has taken buses across 4-5 countries in search of investor funding, and was extremely successful in doing so.

Personally I can say that you sound 100% ready and in the right mind to go to a Startup Accelerator or Incubator. There are a tonne available, and many which provide mentorship with the financing so that you can cover the bare minimum and accelerate your MVP out onto the market.
If you're the adventurous type there are also accelerators in very financially affordable locations such as Bulgaria and Chile... let me know if you want to chat about this?

After having been on the Clarity platform for almost a year and often browsing the questions and answers I've learned that you need to take a pro-active and generous stance with any community in which you want to build trust.

Just in this past week i've completed two face to face mentoring sessions with start-up founders who were looking to raise investment. Both were hugely successful sessions, and I have every intention now to direct future brain-picking through Clarity.

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