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A good copywriter can often see your business with a "fresh pair of eyes" and a new perspective, and offer some insight that maybe you overlooked.

I used to spend HOURS trying to find my USP... or my "why".

I'd try to think what was most unique about me, my business, my products,

But here's how I do it now.

First, I find out what the BIGGEST, most overwhelming problem is in my market... the one thing people want to solve/achieve OVER everything else.

Once I find that... I simply CREATE my USP to solve that.

Of course, I also think of what is currently being done in the market... and I really try to make myself stand out and be different.

But I no longer think about what I've DONE in order to find my USP... I think about what my market wants to DO.

Then, I create my USP based around that.

In other words... I try to position my business, and my "why" in order to help solve my target market's biggest problems or concerns.

Most marketers, when trying to find their USP... simply think about what they've DONE... as in "past tense"

But there's no reason you can't CREATE a NEW USP based on what you WANT to do in the FUTURE.

In other words, think of what you WANT to do and how you WANT to be unique... and CREATE your USP.

Invent it, based on what the market wants.

Think of the single biggest problem your market has and then invent your USP that makes you the solution to that problem.

So... your USP, or your "why" can be something you're not even doing right now... but COULD do better than anyone else.

Your USP is what makes you unique... why someone should choose you over the competition.

so if you can't think of something... create one. Invent it based on what the market wants solved.

It's nothing more than finding what the market wants... and positioning yourself as the solution... and also tying in something unique about you.

Bottom line.

What's the biggest problem in your market... and once you find it, create a unique solution that you and only you can offer...

This has worked well for me.

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