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Are you looking to start get your first rental property? Do you know enough to actually get the returns your are looking for? I am a single family and college student housing rental property expert. I have excel models for real estate investments and can guide your decision making process if you are new to real estate. Rental properties are not for everyone. Rental properties, it is critical you make all your money on the buy. If you buy correctly, then these investments can be investments for you to brag about at social gatherings. However if you buy wrong, you may be looking at bankruptcy. Do you know how to buy real estate correctly? Please give me a call before buying your rental properties and I can make sure you are doing proper due diligence and give you an estimated return on each house before you buy! I am an actively licensed CPA in the state of Michigan.

My work experience is as follows:
-Actively licensed CPA in the state of Michigan.

-Real estate investing, specifically rental properties, and capital investment. Own over 400k of rental property myself, with average returns over over 21%. Have done consulting work on millions of dollars worth of real estate deals as well.

-Owned, operated, and consulted on small business operations and investments.

-Have done consulting work with a Fortune 500 company to determine investment strategy and execution for their smaller business subsidiaries.

-Have been apart of multi-billion dollar corporate audits apart of a Big 4 finance and consulting firm.

-Have ample knowledge for finances and budgeting, planning, investments, and overall monetary decision making advice.

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Buying Rental property in another country is much more complicated than just waiting for the proper time to buy. The proper time to buy also does not mean when the Euro is "undervalued". This often is a sign of larger global macroeconomic trends, such as recession, or lower growth compared to other countries. The proper time to buy may be in a couple years if Europe goes into a recession. There are different regulations for landlords depending on where you buy, taxes, and market outlooks. If the Euro is getting weaker, that does not necessarily mean you will be getting a deal on property. It likely means the property will go up in price to match the inflation of the euro. There are many other factors to consider when buying the rental property. Also, the way to go international is not so much to focus on the similarities, but you really need to know the differences between countries inside and out when entering foreign markets, cultural, fiscal, and economic differences is important to understand prior to investing overseas. I do not specialize in international real estate investing, so honestly I am probably not worth a call. Although, to put it in prospective, I would say, what would be the differences you would look at between investing in real estate in NYC, SF, Alabama, and Minnesota? There are significant differences in each state and city, and same goes for different continents and different countries.

Surprised nobody answered this as it is a very simple question. How significant our the PO box fees to each of the three businesses? Are all three owned by the same people? I can say there are a number of acceptable ways to split them up. For example, you could split it by use, so if one business has 80% of the shipments that go through the PO box, then charge 80% to that business. Or you could split it evenly if the volume is not predictable. If they are all by the same owner, it really doesn't matter very much how you allocate it. I assume, you are concerned about this for tax purposes? Please feel free to give me a call to discuss further.

There is so much more information anyone would need to be able to answer this question? Are you looking for properties to rent out, buy and flip, hold and sell? I am not able to give you an ROI estimate as a whole, but if you have a deal in mind, I would be happy to run it through our investment models to give you a reasonable ROI. Also it depends on how you are financing the properties, and what type of properties, will have a big impact on your returns.

You could, however, it is likely you will never be able to expand your business beyond family and friends. It does not cost that much to set up a payment method on an actual website. I would suggest starting your business on Etsy, as they basically give you a website and payment method for free. Obviously they take a cut, but then you can have your Instagram link to the etsy account and basically have that be your business until you are ready to invest in your own website!

Hello! I think I can help you tremendously! I only own a couple rental properties, but specialize in people buying and beginning their first rental properties. Here are a couple questions that you need to know about before buying your rental property! I will make sure you know them inside and out. Do you know about the 1% rule, the differences between single family homes and rental properties? What areas are hot beds for rental property? How to properly analyze and pick which property should be your first property? When is the proper time to renovate a property? How much should you renovate the property? What are renters looking for? Are you going to use a property management company? What is a reasonable amount for them to charge? Now for returns, do you understand CAP rates, Cash on cash return, Leverage ratios, income tax and tax benefits of owning a rental property? These and so much more you need to know before getting into rental property. Lets get your money working for you. You start with one rental property and you can snow ball it into 5-10 within the next decade like many people do. I have excel models that can help you determine the returns you can expect from the homes you are looking at. Also, lets talk about how you are going to finance your property? How much risk are you willing to take on and how much are you wanting to put down on this property? You also need to know about basic landlord law, you wouldn't want to get sued and end up having someone take your house. Please feel free to give me a call and I can go over everything with you. I have about 400k in rental property, which is 3 homes, but I have specialized in giving advice to people looking to get into their first rental.

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