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For individuals looking to sell an eCommerce Business (Shopify, Amazon FBA, AdSense, Amazon Associates etc.)

I can explain:
☑ What investors are looking for when you list your business for sale
☑ What you need to have prepared
☑ Explain the forms you'll need
☑ How to handle leads
☑ Place a valuation on your ecom business
☑ How to increase the value of your business
☑ Where to sell your Business and generate leads for it

For individuals looking to buy a business
(Shopify, Amazon FBA, AdSense, Amazon Associates etc.)

I can explain:
☑ How much the business is worth
☑ Provide negotiation advice
☑ How to analyze whether the business is a good deal or not
☑ How to increase the chances of getting the business over other buyers
☑ Where to find quality businesses for sale
☑ Provide guidance if you're already in an acquisition
Provide connections to help support your acquisition (ecommerce accountants, ecom tax experts, ecom marketing, coaches etc.)

Let's talk about what's important to you, give me a call now and get the advantage for your purchase or exit.

Recent Answers

I haven't come across a list like this and it's something I've looked for across a few years.

The best solution I've come across is using LinkedIn and one step further LinkedIn Sales navigator adding LinkedIn Helper to automate the leads. You can target keywords like "ecommerce merchants" or "shopify supplier" etc. I've met many suppliers with this method.

Hope it helps!

Shopify unless you are especially good with creating websites or website management.

Shopify has the apps and an easy to use interface, plus they have a referral program for the platform. I've seen many consulting individuals use Shopify and have a good experience with it.

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