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make up for it with humanity and a level of soft skills that builds trust and demonstrates team togetherness

The first thing is to value what you do not from self defence but from proactive sense that gives the best and asks for their worth

I try to use it but the questions are limited in quantity and quality and seldom allow for depth

look for creative people who want just commission, those who want base pay are likely less believing in themselves

your pricing should reflect your servicing ability, quality of work and market demand...don't sell yourself cheap but be smart and don't out price yourself either

It's not that unique but it is fundamental...there's no innovation without mistakes....Create an environment where people feel free to make mistakes

To create an environment where people feel free to explore and not afraid to make mistakes Creativity does not thrive in command and control environment

1.They don't think strategically long term
2.They don't understand that their true assets are their people and are afraid of excellence instead of promoting it
3.Their leadership lacks development

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