Michael ToebeReputation Specialist

Founder/Specialist at Reputation Quality, a consultancy, advisory, coaching and communications services practice, helping successful individuals better analyze reputation and further build, protect, restore or reconstruct it.

Author of "Your Reputation Signature" and "On Apology, What We Can Learn and Do Better." (Both on Amazon)

Published in Chief Executive, Corporate Board Member, Corporate Compliance Insights, Physicians Practice, Training Industry and the New York Law Journal.

Recent Answers

How will your client communicate, with empathy, humility, responsibility, transparency, persistence and compassion to help those adversely affected? That type of focus can prove invaluable crisis communications and crisis management and reveal your client's business character.

It can help restore or rebuild trust, credibility and reputation capital and show wisdom in problem solving,

They're important. They either build reputation capital that becomes an asset for you or they prove to be a liability to the amount or quality of future business.

Your reviews might also very well deter or invite prospect new talent to your company.

Your character is revealed by the quality of the reviews and the relationship you show (people are watching) people you have with customers/clients and prospects.

You are also judged by the poise, or lack of it, and the character, ethics, professionalism, sensitivity and empathy, or lack of all that in interactions online with happy and dissatisfied people both. Something invaluable to remember.

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