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1. Accounting skills
Graduated as Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

2. Expert in Microsoft : Excel, PowerPoint, Word
* I can make a data presentation using the powerpoint
* I can make an essay write ups
* I can do pivot tables depending on the data required in excel

3. Admin/Virtual Task
* Social Media
* And many others

Recent Answers

Online is the best place to sell your physical product. People nowadays tend to visit more the online world rather than the physical stores. You could possible sell out your products fast, be it clothing apparels, appliances, foods, etc. More so you can monitor it easily.

I hope this helps you a lot. if you have more questions in mind, please don't hesitate to call.
Thank you.

I highly suggest FILMORA, its a great way to record your screen and edit your video. it is user-friendly coz it is easy to navigate the application. i highly recommend this as I am using it always when it comes to video editing. if you have more questions, just let me know.

I think if you really want to win the "YES" of your potential investors when you present your ideas,you should have a profound and realistic ideas that pertains to your subject.

Google is way enough but make sure to search the exact wordings that pertains to your project so it will give you specific inputs.

Speaking of inputs, why not try to make a consultation to the expert. They have the best ideas how you can make your presentation a success.

Instead of Invoice factoring, I think you should focus on the problem on why project expenses are weighing you down. What are the factors that lead you to it? Are there unnecessary project activities which are currently included in your small business that are consuming a lot of your expenses?

Expenses are inevitable when you are into business, but you can cut them by laying all the unnecessary activities in running your business.

You have mentioned that you travel around the country, then transportation expenses are one of the main reasons why expenses weighs you down. I propose that if this is so, I think you should plan of your itinerary very well by cutting your several visits. What I am saying is, instead of paying a visit of more than twice a month to attend your business in one location why not make a plan that could make you visit just only once. By doing this, you can now cut the transportation expenses that burdens you somehow.

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