Joe ReggianiPhotography and Marketing Consultant

Italian born visual maker / consultant. Works published in major magazines worldwide.
Businness strategies to help your brand/product/website.
Experience : Photography, Sales&Marketing, Media online/offline, Social Media marketing training

Hello ! Nice to meet you!
I'm Joe (Giuseppe) and I'll be happy to help you out with all sorts of questions regarding photography and marketing for yourself or your brand.
Born in 1981 I'm a professional photographer and media manager with almost two decades of experience in visual media and content/business strategy.
My field of expertise are : Photography and videomaking (16 years working with major magazines and industries worldwide) Branding : helping industries and professionals leading new clients and step up their audience and clients enhancing and correcting their brand/social image. Business / Commercial Strategy : helping business and industries find the best / cost/benefits effective way to promote their services/products and grow their markets trough the right media strategy (online/offline) ...but hey, I'm not just this ...I can even teach you how to cook great pasta dishes the right way :)

Recent Answers

in my experience, the first thing to do it's analyze your market, then your audience and the possible ''many different shades'' of your audience.
Then target them with something specific that can breach their interest. ...but I'll need more details to give a precise advice or applicable strategy.

there could be many ways to publish your own book with a small cost.
About the editing, you can edit the book yourself or hire a graphic designer that will do for you.

About publishing, I can suggest platforms like amazon or blurb that have their own publishing platforms that allow you to publish and sell on the biggest book platforms and even bookstrore around the world, but your book has to have certain criterias based on the platform you want to use.
The copyright is yours untill you decide to sell it to someone.

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