Lakisha De LanooiI am a photographer based in the Netherlands

I can teach you the basics of a camera amd give you a lot of tips you could use to become a better photographer. I will help you gain knowledge in camera settings, shooting in manual, shutter priority and aperture priority.

If needed i can also help you with lightroom and photoshop for best results when editing.

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If you're in marketing, a great way to attract people to your website is through blogs writing. There are so many topics you can write about. Teach people something and they will come vack for more. The important thing when writing a blog is not selling your product. You have to write something usefull for your potential users to create awareness. Slowly lead them further down your tunnel.

At the end of your blog you could send them to a landing page related to your blog post. After a few blogs and after you have enough people reading your blogs, you have to write one blog talking about your product/service and refer them to a landing page that explains more about what you have to offer.

If you have any questions. Call me. I can tell you more about what's important for your blog posts. What to inclide and what not to and help you gain loyal potential customers for your platform.

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