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I am an experienced technology lawyer and a registered patent attorney. Nothing in my posts should be taken as legal advice.

The short answer is you can't, because people don't have to be right to sue. The slightly longer answer is that you talk to a patent attorney familiar with software patents who can advise you on the risks and how to manage them. I'd be glad to go over the basics/highlights of the question with you on a call.

I am an attorney: nothing in this post should be considered legal advice. I am an experienced intellectual property attorney and a registered patent attorney.

You have a few options:

1) You could try to register a trademark for the name of your program, if you just want to make sure that competitors use a different name.

2) You could try to patent the method of your coaching program.

3) You could register the copyrights on all your coaching materials so they can't make direct copies of them.

4) You could include nondisclosure/noncompetition language in your coaching program contract so you can sue any clients who re-use your coaching program materials for their own benefit.

I have worked with therapists and life coaches on similar matters and would be glad to discuss it with you on a call.

(I am a trademark attorney. Nothing in my posts should be taken as legal advice.)

There are multiple services that will "distill" this for you by field/industry, but if all you want to do is see all the registrations that were filed on any given day, you can do that at the Trademark Office's website for free.

Just go to, find the "Searching Trademarks" link under "Trademarks," and pick the "Structured" search. Then enter the date you're interested in in the form YYYYMMDD, and pick "filing date" in the search menu. (You can leave the other one blank.) You will get a list, 100 elements at a time, of all the registrations filed on that date. The buttons to go back and forth are somewhat confusingly labeled "Next List" and "Prev List."

You should be aware that it takes a few days for new applications to post - for instance, today is 1/17 and the latest applications are the ones from 1/15.

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