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I can help you with this you should go onto USPTO and search for the business also the number is 1800-786-9199

I will help you with this you must log onto uspto and do a application. However you should pay the daily fees and get your documents look at with your attorney.

In order to succeed in your first time out in your business startup, you must ensure that you have some saved up funds you can easily access or funds you can obtain from friends or family.

The process of utilizing personal saved up funds or funding from friends and family is known as bootstrapping or self -funding.

Obtaining funding from family and friends is a unique way to kick off your startup. Friends and family are usually flexible when it comes to servicing your loan debt much more than other external sources.

So, if you approach the right friend or family member that supports your idea, you can get some, if not all the funds you require to start up your business.

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