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No B.S. Startup Advisor and Growth Marketer

♛ Who's Mike♛

I’ve sold over $100 Million in Products & Services during my entrepreneurial journey online & offline starting with the phone, fax and eventually moving to paid digital & content marketing.

After making Inc. Magazines Top 500 fastest growing Businesses I was humbly interviewed by Tony Robbins & the late Chet Holmes (what an experience they ripped me apart).
Co-Founder of Dinner Table MBA and we've got a real big Mission

Do you ever notice how Kids (and even adults) are always on their Cell Phones when you look around a restaurant or worst at home?

True conversations aren’t what they use to be and honestly what our world needs now (more than ever) is real conversations with our youth.

Celebrities and Influencers have our children glued to their devices following their every move on Social Media.

This got me thinking and I wanted to make a difference. So I've partnered with brands serving families, celebrities and influencers to share stories that get people talking and thinking.

You see, happiness within Children has been on a major decline in the United States since 2012 according to The World Happiness Report which is put together by the United Nations.

In-fact mental health issue are rising at an alarming rate….but what can help curb this are meaningful conversations as a family on a regular basis. This will help our Youth and our Communities.

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Another option to think of....

If traditional funding doesn't work, consider thinking outside the box and partnering with a local developer or real-estate investor.

Both may have property they're unable to do anything with and provided you have experience and they see you as a low risk, they could be willing to partner.

My guess is Rent, Electric (due to size of the facility) and Insurance will be your highest cost. If rent can be subtracted short-term and build-out handled by the partner, you may not need much.

Good Luck!

2 easiest spaces would be Instagram and Twitter.

You can automate this process or do it yourself (or I'd hire a VA)

Here's a quick recording I just did for you to copy on Twitter, but you can do this on Instagram also easily.

This will build you a relevant following who will engage with your brand on Twitter and click to read your blog.

Here's the video I just made for you (good luck): https://share.viewedit.com/EWh2XpYLHV96viC6GsaiMD

Marketing person can help, but if you're bootstrapping will it cause to much financial strain or pressure on the business, as marketing results don't always happen overnight.

I like to focus first on the customer experience. Is signing up for the app as easy as possible, are users actively using it and what it the feedback on that. If there are holes in that and you're spending money on a marketing person to bring on new users, that might not be the best. Likewise can you do anything with your existing users to increase WOM from them to help you grow vs. a marketing person.

Lastly can you partner possibly with someone who has already spent gobs of money on advertising and can you get in front of their audience with some type of collaboration or integration with your app.

Few things to think about. Wishing you great success ~ Mike

I see many great ideas here and strongly agree Facebook is a great avenue.

Outside of all the "Online" answers I'd also suggest forming partnerships with other businesses in your local market that work with a similar audience. Do an open-house together, referral agreement or other simple partnership type of arrangements. I'd also suggest working with local realtors, PTA Moms and get active in the community events. These all helped me just as much locally as online advertising (if not more). Good Luck!


I love Meetups as a lead magnet for business owners.

Though 80 doesn't seem like a lot, being that it's a specific niche like "Brand and Marketing Managers" its awesome.

Charging $5/$10 isn't a lot and would monetize, but its really not going to change your life either.

Does having these 80 a month help your business currently?

Sponsors are great and because of the Niche you have it wouldn't be hard to monetize that way. Check out "The Phat Startup" in NY and watch how they run there meetings.

You could pull together the 80 a month and pick a few each month to interview. Put that behind a firewall to charge and you can also create an Amazon book Series playing on the fact you've interviewed 700+ Top Brand & Marketing Leaders.

Lastly if you send a newsletter to the group you being that its so targeted (NYC) you can charge Advertisers looking to hire. Simply go to any recruiter sites see who they're advertising for and contact them. They're typically paying a lot for these services and now you've got a targeted list.

Good Luck!

Mike Kawula

Approaching non-competing businesses that already have your "avatar" and setting up some type of joint-partnership to encourage them to refer/recommend. Find people who have huge list already and give incentives.

Digital Billboards are making it much easier to brand, more affordable and get messages out. This year billboards around Giant Stadium will be displaying various messages, mostly branding. Small communities they work great. To drive down cost I've done them jointly with other non-competing businesses and wasn't my lowest cost way to attract a Customer, though was still affordable. Hope that helps

If you know your target audience and you're just looking for emails run some Facebook adds to fans of someone who already has your avatar. Lead them to an opt-in page and give away a white-paper, ebook or something. Good offer you can expect spend .25-.75 per subscriber.

A lot of the online marketing sites as I'm sure you see are geared towards online entrepreneurs. 2 great sites I believe Brick & Mortar business owners can receive great online marketing take-aways are Social Media Examiner & Duct Tape Marketing. Both always have great tips that SMB's can implement in their business.

Partner with sites like this that get traffic year round for folks that love the Holiday: https://www.facebook.com/MostWonderfulTimeofTheYear

Build a massive list to prepare to do 90% of your business in those 3 months

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