Michael Maroules Elite Automotive Sales Coach (Coach M)

Hello! If you are seeking to be the elite in the automotive industry in sales, residual business, customer satisfaction, and earning potential... I am the Coach for you! AutoAlgorithm.com

I have 23 years of experience in the automotive industry. I have trained thousands of sales professionals, closers, and managers in the Automotive Industry.

I will teach you all facets of sales from the road to the sale, meet greet and sheet, presentation, walk around, demonstration, yes closing, trial closing, presenting figures, pace lead techniques, mental mindset, process, procedure, goal setting, CSI, creating residual business, maintaining flawless customer loyalty, exceeding your own set goals and goals set by your employer, and so much more! My passion, motivation, drive, and experience in this industry is truly the difference that will make the difference for you in your career.

Some of my successes include running teams of 40 plus managers and sales professionals conducting the only two 1 Million dollar sales events in history. The first in 2012 at Lithia Chrysler Jeep and Dodge in Anchorage Alaska and the second at Steve Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep off-site in Forrest City ARKANSAS in 2017. What does this mean? Under my leadership myself and my teams sold at each event over 150 units and generated over $1.000.000 in total gross in a 10 day period.

I have led every automotive dealership in sales that I have worked for in the past consistently. I built a sales and automotive marketing company from 1.8M in gross revenue to 15.6M in 23 months. The moral of the story is if I decide to coach you in automotive sales you will absolutely dominate your competition. You will do it with work ethic, discipline, direct focused intent, and unwavering customer service.

My approach is best proven through your results. I will not let you fail. If you want to be the best of the best in automotive sales... spend 1 hour with me on the phone. You will want me to be your coach indefinitely and will be happy to pay whatever the cost because of the inspiration, tools, financial results, and techniques I provide for you!

I look forward to coaching you. Humbly, the value you get in a single one hour session with me will far exceed that of any training you have experienced in the car business.

Cheers to creating your complete and total financial freedom and becoming the best of the best!

Coach M

Recent Answers

I built a automotive marketing, staffing, and direct mail business from $1.8 Million in gross revenue to $15.6 Million in 23 months. Here are the greatest lessons I have learned in my multiple involvements with startups.

1. You are the heart beat of the business. People are extremely important in the building process. They can be your biggest asset or your biggest downfall.

2. Start your day everyday with a minimum of 90 minutes to yourself. My personal preference is the 60 minutes prior to sunrise and 30 minutes during and after sunrise. Read, learn, seek wisdom. Hit your knees and reach out to the God of your understanding, the universe, the super conscious mind... MEDITATE on what you have read. Seek answers, strength, solutions, opportunities, etc. Envision where you want to see your company. Take a mental drive in this space and feel the frequency of connectivity and alignment. Download as much from the Universe as you can and follow your intuition. After meditating eat healthy, hydrate, and exercise.

3. It’s ok to make mistakes. Mistakes are the building blocks of success. They serve us with insight and lessons that are invaluable.

4. Live in possibility. It’s possible!

5. Daily objectives should be listed out. You should have so many every day that you often times run out of time before they are finished. Write them down on tomorrow’s list. This is getting maximum value and efficiency from your contribution daily.

6. Be humble. Always be open to growing and learning.

7. Chase your dreams. Don’t chase the money.

8. Your going to get your ass kicked. Often. Every struggle, battle, win, and loss makes you stronger. BE PERSEVERANCE.

9. Be comfortable being uncomfortable outside of your comfort zone. This truly is where the miracles happen.

10. Self affirmations are critical. Write them down everywhere. The subconscious mind and the start up environment can bring negativity often. Be prepared to replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations.

11. You can do it. You are creator.

There is so much more I would like to share on this topic. I feel this has been lengthy already. Please feel free to reach out and if I can assist in any way I will give my all to help you succeed!

Coach M

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