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I would use the same domain, and unless the company is different buy a new domain and just re-direct everything to the updated old domain.

Happy to have a chat and explore whats best with more context

I built a multilingual video agency across Asia, a big part of our videos were used in social media so quite familiar with the space.

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Marketing and Sales are the lifeline of any business.

I always like to think of it like dating, if you are looking to find your dream partner aka dream client, what do you need to do to be in their world.

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Straight away.

Since your product is in a very niche market, I would start doing trials, and keep it simple.

When groupon first started they didnt even own the products they would screenshot things from the internet so do the same and keep it simple.

For social media campaigns, I just interviewed a founder who wanted to sell healthy snacks online, and he said they invested 50$ in ads and got clients even before they had the products. He even went out to the supermarket to buy nuts and pack them to send them to clients.

Now they have just raised 1 million and expanding in 3 new countries in Asia.

Best of luck

There are lots of technology to help with that:
1. Some companies link the phone number with the persons account that way reducing the verification time
2. Also by setting up clear categorisation before the client speaks to an agent, this can help direct customer to the most specialise agent.
3. Tracking the problems - sometimes clients are calling cause there is a problem that needs to be resolved, so by having a great system in place you can improve experience and reduce calls

I dont have much more context to share more

I would suggest as you are going alot of various industries, that you build individual sales funnels for each topic.

One of the ways that you can do is to write:
Top 3 trends for X industry (as a blog, video) and use it as a sponsored ad and for your audience that engages just retarget them. Of course to access the full report, they need to pay.

Also if you have key influencers as part of the research, you can go ahead and add it there!

There are a couple of ways to make referral work for your business and to transform it into a system for ongoing leads.

You are on track by finding realtors who are looking to sell land to international clients. I would do a couple of things to make sure they want to support you.

You can start by investing a bit of marketing to actually film the process of how it is to work with you and the realtor so that your prospective clients can get a glimpse. By doing this, not only will they enjoy 10-25% referral fee.

You can also help them in the sales process, by perhaps offering a one time consultation or a mock design to get your buyers moving towards the yes line.

I would do this base on a one time fee, because your clients can come back to you with more changes but at the same time you are becoming a long term marketing partner.

There are two things can highly impact more clients signing up.

1. Marketing - One of the reason why people don't buy what you are selling is because they dont know you exist.

You can do cross selling and upselling - So for example if you are in helping one country back offices, can you do offer to your clients the service internationally.

Also are there key events where REO Agents hang out, what do they read.

2. Sales - When you meet a client (phone/person) are you able to close the client, or are you having a low conversion rate.

If this is the case, then ways to improve, is improving your offer, improving how to enhance your social proof.

Happy to jump on a call and to help you assess where you are at.

The starting point is always getting clear about the problem.

What does you new word press product actually do and what problem does it solve for people?

I am an online sales strategist so can help set up your email marketing, build the strategy and help you source the best people to get it done.

Happy to have a chat and better understand if I can help you.

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