David KoonsBusiness Development for Business to $10 million

Have made small businesses, startups, and consultants, millions of dollars.

WHAT I DO: I help small businesses grow rapidly through industry disruption strategies that lead to rapid growth. Additionally, because of my logistics background, we build a strong infrastructure to handle this growth and set up systems and processes to ensure the new strategies are integrated and implemented.

- Startups
- Small Business
- Coaches & Consultants
- Presidents, CEO's, Founders

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: Growing up in a family business, serving in the Marines, working with hundreds of clients, and participating in four startups, I have a unique background in business, logistics and the CAN DO attitude.

“It isn’t every day that you encounter someone with the business-building background and unique life experience like David.”
~ Ronald Davies, Internet Marketer

“Before hiring David and his team, I couldn’t get my prospect’s attention. Since we’ve started working together our business has exploded with new clients and opportunities.”
~ Ben Fanning, Speaker, Bestselling Author, Coach, BenFanning.com

“Practical Profit has turned our brochure website into a lead generation machine helping increase our practice over 50% in under one year.”
~ Evan White, Founder, Compass Chiropractic, LLC

"David had a very straightforward and precise way to approach my sales pitch and took all of the pieces that I had floating around and helped me craft a razor-sharp pitch. He uses common sense combined with a great understanding of human communication so that your end product feels authentic while being able to achieve a goal quickly."
~ Jack Policar, Founder & CEO, Paulinecare.com

“We couldn’t handle any more business, but, within weeks of working with David, we formalized our processes, and surpassed last year’s revenue… and it’s only June!”
~ Aaron Lazar, RVG Homes, LLC

Recent Answers

I would it depends, but yes, you can base your entire business on referrals. I'd suggest formalizing your plan, being transparent with the realtors, and providing an exceptional experience to the prospects so the realtor feels good about recommending you in the future.
- formalize how you ask them (recommendation might sound better than referral)
- formalize fee structure, or what you'll pay them (e.g. 10% of what?)
- share with realtor your process and how you take care of the prospect to gain confidence
- your realtors now become your sales force. Take good care of them, train them, show them the opportunity, and stay in consistent contact with them
- also, create a formal (or informal) training program for your realtors so they use the right words, descriptions in talking about you
- have a good website that the realtor can tell the prospect as they'll probably want to check you out.
- finally, address how the realtor can ensure they'll get paid and you will 'forget' about the recommendation.

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