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Career Coach. Leadership Consultant to Fortune 500 & VC-Backed Companies. Executive Search Advisor. Former Goldman Sachs & Cerberus Capital Management Employee.

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It's great that you have discovered this passion! Like many others have touched on, your experience is very important when it comes to consulting. Do you have experience as an entrepreneur or business owner? Have you been very successful as one? If so, doing a combination of career & business coaching for entrepreneurs / business owners could be the right niche. If you don't have that sort of experience, you could consider a few different types of roles that will get you the right experience to become a trusted advisor to these sorts of clients (management consulting, leadership consulting, venture capital, PE, etc.) I would be happy to chat with you and discuss in more detail if you'd like to set up a call!

At the PE firm I worked for, we often were looking for advisors to help on due diligence -- typically retired executives who could spend a few hours a week helping us on due diligence.

Many of retirees we worked with had LinkedIn profiles, and we were able to communicate with them over LinkedIn messages and then exchange contact information.

Feel free to connect with me on the phone if you would like to discuss further or have any questions!

I've advised a number of companies (from early-stage VC-backed companies to the Fortune 50) on organizational design, and I think I could be helpful here.

It sounds like you're still early stage, and I think you should keep this role with one person to start. As you expand, you can reevaluate job responsibilities.

I think COO or Director of Operations would be suitable. That being said, it would be helpful to understand more about the current set up and what your current titles & responsibilities look like.

I'd be happy to chat on the phone if you would like to discuss in further detail.

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