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Strategic Advisor and Investment Banker @ George + Company. Help owners sell their businesses, acquire new ones, or raise capital. I work with companies in various stages (startups to mature companies) in various industries. Additionally can advise on business strategy, growth strategy, and business/corporate development.

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Hi - so happy to hear your company is growing so well in a very advanced field. From my experience please consider the following. (I can email you additional things but here are key concepts)

1. Intellectual Property
Is your "old" IP properly protected as you enter the JV? Now what happens to the new IP, is it shared?

2. Brand
Do you maintain control of your brand in the JV? What is the branding of the new JV?

3. Scope of Work
You must always have a proper scope of work defined in a JV, otherwise it opens up possible issues for you and the other party when one party deviates

4. Dissolution of JV
How do you get out of a JV if you want to? Is it automatic triggers, is there an exit clause?

Hope this helps!

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