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Whether you only have a few clients under your belt and want to start making consistent $5K months in our business, or you have a sustainable business and need help scaling it to six-figures and beyond, I can help. My clients have gone from $0 - $35,000 in THREE weeks, tripled their income within 3 months while decreasing the time they work by half, and have paid out-of-pocket medical costs for a family member's chronic illness in full through their business. I'm a straight-talker who gives you the marketing and business advice you need to hear, even if you don't want to hear it. You'll be able to clearly see why you're not getting the results you want so you can fast-track your way to surpassing those results. Give me a call!

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I'm gonna go on a completely different tangent here and start talking about the energetics of money and how it works.

Most people don't get the money they want because they're not energetically available for it.

It's the same as a woman always meeting guys who treat her like crap and another woman having the same guys treat her like a goddess.

One woman is available to that and the other isn't.

When you're available to the money you want coming into your experience, you don't settle for anything less and you do whatever it takes to create it.

There's no negotiating that and you become the person who creates it. It's simple, but not easy and that's why many fail.

Because they're not willing to do what it takes AND be who it takes to create that income.

The truth is, once you have a desire for a certain amount of cash, it's already happened in another dimension. All you need to do is bridge the gap by hopping timelines and being the person who has that.

Also, letting go of whatever doesn't align with the person who'd have that.

For example, if you wanna make $10,000 a month by next week. Think about what the $10,000 you would/wouldn't be available for.

Step onto him or her and create from that space. That's how serendipitous meetings happen, and you meet the exact person who hands you the money because of something you said.

It's not super logical. But logic doesn't create miracles and you definitely can't bend time with logic 😉

But you can with intuition and your intuition already knows how you get the money because it has access to the version of you on that other timeline who already has it.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions about this, you know where to find me 😘

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