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Good judgement often comes from experience, and experience often comes from bad judgement... there is no reason to make the same mistakes I did. I'm all about delivering value, so if there is anyway I can be of assistance in anyway, please don't hesitate to reach out. :)

Here's a few "professional" highlights...

1 - I founded MastermindTalks (MMT). An annual invite only event for entrepreneurs. 16,000 entrepreneurs have applied for an event capped at 150 people.

2 - I ran and facilitated a $25 000 a year mastermind group for entrepreneurs for over 2 years.

3 - I'm the host of a well respected business podcast called CommunityMade.

4 - I've hosted well over a thousand entrepreneurs over dinner throughout the last 6 years leveraging concepts shared in my book, Mastermind Dinners.

5 - I'm a former learning chair at the Entrepreneurs' Organization.

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This is my wheelhouse but unfortunately I am heads down putting the final touches on my MastermindTalks event. If this hasn't been answered in the next 2 or 3 weeks, I will come back in to reply... Good luck!

I know this space really well (I've launched two #1 rated business podcasts on iTunes).

The short answer, be a guest on other shows. That's by far the easiest way. :)

Lots of options. Depends on how personal you want to get (the more personal no matter what the situation, the better).

Opening sample questions:
-What was the best day of last week, and why?
-Describe your “average” day. What are your rituals/routines?
-Complete this statement: My favourite time of the day is...
-Complete this statement: "I lose track of time when..."
-If you had to move and could only take 3 things with you, what would they be?
-Describe the most unpleasant job you ever had to do
-What have you done in the past 3 months that makes you feel proud?
-What would you consider a defining moment in your life?


-Top Business Achievement (brag)
-Top Personal Achievement (brag)

Also, you can ask "In regards to this meeting, what does success look like to you?". Once you have their desired outcomes out in the open, you can create a discussion and revisit them at the end of the meeting.

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