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Network design to build any network infra .And life goal guidance .Deliver designs and action plans to achieve targeted goals and provide measurable value back to the business unit, division, customer, or partner

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1. E&Y
are big name in security auditing .They are one of the best around the world.

below are the software are best for Youtube video editing .You can choose any of them.
1. AVID AvidXpress Media Composer 5.5 Nitris DX Avid DS
2. PREMIER Adobe Premiere
4. FINAL CUT Final Cut ProX

Before start any business , you have to clear project plan and implementation process.
Developing a business plan can help ensure that you’re sprinting down the right path
It will help you avoid big mista
It will help counterbalance emotionskes
It will make sure everyone’s on the same page
It will help you develop a game plan.
It will help you raise capital
Most important TIME and continuous involvement.
As my suggestion you have to dedicate on your business to be successful.
Thats why better to start after came back in UK , start from your root , spread across globe.

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