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Duhita is a Business Process Management Consultant and founder of Silverfir Consulting. She has 17+ years of experience. She is passionate about the following domains - Business Process Management, Business Agility and Innovation. Duhita believes in adding tangible value to each of the engagements she takes up. Duhita believes that every large business was once small and it is their vision and more essentially the strong foundation that they setup for themselves right from the beginning that helped them reach where they are now.The strong foundation is a result of robust and sustainable Business Process Management practices and Business Agility principles being in place. Duhita wants to help as many startups grow to large from the startup phase leveraging the BPM and Business Agility principles. She believes the three most important words for sustainable growth are - SENSE. RESPOND. ADAPT Duhita has a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University, India and a E-PGDBM from SIBM. Duhita is oneof the first few professionals to be certified at OCEB (OMG Certified Expert in BPM) Business Advanced Level globally. She is also a Design Thinking practitioner.

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I am a Management Consultant with focus on Business Process Management, Business Agility and Innovation domains.

From my experience, I think money no longer is the sole motivation to retain an employee. I think the key factors that employees look for in today's workplaces in addition to money are:
- Job satisfaction with the tasks they do (essentially the work should help the employee realize and exploit his / her best potential)
- Constant Learning (classroom, on the job, social learning)
- Growth with added responsibilities (not just money)
- Work-life balance
- Best utilization of talents and skills with some stretch assignments that challenge them beyond day-to-day routine
- Non-work related social get-togethers etc. where the extended family feels a part of the extended organization ecosystem

Happy to hear your thoughts and discuss further, in case.

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