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Hi Ghufran!

Nice profile!

If I were you, I would certainly add images to your "Areas of Expertise" that are listed.

I would also do free calls and get reviews.

I would also optimize your bio/profile for the keywords you want to rank for.

Best of luck!

Well, when you have viral marketing, then it helps to spread the word about your business like wildfire on it's own. It's a self-perpetuating loop. So rather than you paying for advertisements, people will share your content or tool or something else because it's so cool or does something valuable for them.

Imagine if Nike creates a Facebook video about some cool new sneakers they just released. If 10,000 people share that Facebook video on their newsfeed, then their friends will see it. It may be said to have effectively "gone viral" -- and can drive Nike's sales, leading to business expansion.

In other words, if 1,000 people buys those shoes that wouldn't have otherwise, then this viral marketing just led to "business expansion" for Nike because they are making more sales that they would not have otherwise.

Unless an e-commerce company is transparent in sharing their sales details (this is probably very rare or unusual), you won't know the metrics needed in order to calculate it.

I would think that the 2nd best thing is to hire a scraper or data entry person to collect the average item prices to try to build an idea for it.

Sorry, that is the best idea or help that I can offer. Perhaps this is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to build this. :)

Great question!

1) You can use "pre-selling" to offer an upcoming service or product to existing customers which they will effectively fund by paying for it (while you create it) so that they are also buy it as your customer:

2) You can use a crowd funding platform like Kickstarter or IndieGogo.

3) You can ask customers if they'd like to become an investor in your business and offer them to become more like a partner with benefits and compelling reasons to join you.

4) You can ask customers directly what it would take or would interest them in becoming your investor.

Hope that helps!


Great question!

I believe that Hootsuite might be one of your best solutions. It is a free tool and you can publish through several social media platforms at once. For a free account, however, they limit you to 3 accounts I believe:

There is also Buffer as well which I believe has similar functionality:

Here are some additional helpful resources for you:

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