David ChanBoard of Advisors at Transifex.com

Respected Silicon Valley executive with extensive experience in and passion for launching, growing and managing technology startups. Accomplished at negotiating and closing complex, multi-million dollar financing and venture funding from angel and institutional investors. Highly effective at managing cross functional teams ensuring that all stakeholders: engineering, marketing, legal, accounting, and sales collaborate in a non-confrontational and efficient decision making process. Recognized and well rewarded for strategic and action-oriented leadership, mitigating risks, and optimizing ROI in extremely fast paced technology environments

Co-author of Amazon best-seller www.adpublishing.org/thevirtualofficebook, "The Virtual Office: Success Tools for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses."

Board of Advisors to six startup companies in high / green tech, social media, business accelerator

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The best way to learn is to go to industry events put on by both angel and VC forums. For example, in the SF Bay Area this company regularly sponsors events to understand the space https://sv.tie.org/initiative/tie-angels. You can also check out SARTA in the Sacramento region.

If you're looking to actually get involved in raising money that's a different question.

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