Harsha vardhanTraveller & 2nd generation entrepreneur.

Second generation entrepreneur with a family business and ventures. With a Post graduate MBA in Family business and 5 years of work experience. Young @ 28 I've travelled over 15 countries. I and a keen seeker of various cultural experiences. A part time volunteer at a counselling centre, I work to words supporting younger people in their day to day challenges. I work along with senior group of counsellors.

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Assuming that you are talking to your client who's project you are working on..

Great question!

Some things that have helped me so far,

1) Revise the topics that were covered during the last meeting and revisit them again. Have we fulfilled our previous commitments ? if not , what are the challenges? This would be a good place to start and understand if your understandings about the project are correct. In most cases client's idea Vs our execution do not match due difference in understanding.

2) Have a prioritised agenda on things to be covered in current meeting.

3) Identify diversion in conversations and get back to the point.

4) Listen well, acknowledge and Don't hesitate to clarify your understanding ? either on call or by email.

5) Always document your meeting by email and get confirmation.

Last but not the least whenever you find a situation that needs appreciation, Always appreciate the other person's efforts

I hope these help,
Please don't hesitate if you have any further questions.


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