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Management of Energy Sustainability & Infrastructure Projects in various geographical regions – Europe, Middle East and Central Asia - Industrial facilities, Road infrastructure, Building technologies, Power generation.
Experienced in tactics and strategies lead to Increasing business, effectively mapping the resources, maximizing profits and generating significant cost savings. Leading and managing process engineering, design, and implementation of control metrics.

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I had in my business life several cases when my supervisor being neglectful, caused my inferiors to know my salary. It was more than 3 times, happened to me. In one case my relations with my colleague were so destroyed, those problems continued for 2 years and finally, we split. So, I know how important is to keep the salary level in the drawer, but not shown to the public. If not possible to make accounting silent on the matter, maybe you can outsource his payroll to another company and just pay commission for that service, to that company.

My experience says - it is a waste of time in those platforms. Can be used for getting acquainted or information, but for business needs a lot of time and patience.

This a topic I love to talk about. In general, I believe, everybody has her/his own history, knowledge, experience, talents, etc. I personally have many things done unsuccessfully and many others - successfully. When analyzing afterward, it seems that when unsuccessful, this was not my strength. Possibly I was influenced and wrongly excited by something or somebody, that is not for me. Many people love to read how Apple went up, or Microsoft, or Napoleon. But I am an individual, only one of the sort in the world. Others look like me, talk like me, but just partly.
In short, everybody must discover, what is her/his strength and talents and to put much effort to develop. As it is said - success is 1 % talent and 99 % of work. But all 2 parts must be presented.

I see 2 options:
- try to sell in the idea through his wife, try to convince that group, because if husbands spend much time on golf, fishing or hunting, their wives spend more time at home or on female gathering
- or, go with those people on hunting or golf, befriend with them and sell directly
all the best

Go and talk face-to-face with the decision maker. Show yourself as a problem solver and what is the difference you provide with your offer, among million others of the same business.

It depends on the tasks to be assigned. If he/she must design, implement and monitor processes and KPI's, shall be COO. Without design, shall be Operational Director. Without design and implementation, just Operational Manager.

I would do in the opposite manner. Consider the "life (business) after the split". What you are going to miss - technology, money, market, relationships ? And, of course, subtract the amount of the splitting cost. Consider the worst case, and may be that will be result you would get.
Is that acceptable for you ? Is the business going to survive ?
If yes, go in splitting. Better suffer financial losses, but work for your ideas, which eventually would flourish.
If not, apply humility and go for fair and friendly talk with the partner. Remember, at the beginning something made you together.

I agree with most of the answers. Would like to add some words. The priorities are the most important. The priority of any business is developing, flourishing, enlarging, going well, etc. In simple words - earning enough money on the right time. So, the manager' first priority is the income statement sheet.
Second is, to have a good HRM, in order to appoint capable employees. And then comes structure, assignments, reporting, measures.
If the first priority comes first ( in most of the case), all will know the direction and parts will work together. In short, not you to stay on the top of the moving part, but the First priority of your business.
all the best

This is a very large matter, of course. It needs thorough investigation, otherwise would be a grandiose waste of money and time and will lead to a failure.
I have business experience in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. And I am convinced, whatever is well working in one place, doesn't work mandatory well in other places.
Provided, it is not about any international brand of electronic gadgets, construction machines, power generators or fashion clothes.
As you say to "set up branding business", obviously you mean to set up a new brand.
In that case, first I advise if you are not African, find somebody lived for long and last years there. Local mentality and culture' knowledge is the most important factor.
There are tons of investigations, reports, etc. from banks, agencies, companies or private investigators. Those can be supportive to you. But the main support shall be from a local person, he/she will explain to you the culture. And there is the starting point of your business.
all the best

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