Steve Skura20 Yrs of Marketing Exp. GA Tech MBA 2019.

Grown $50M business 25% YOY! Worked @ Coca-Cola, LG, Philips, Amazon and Maytag. Startup Executive $1M funding. GA Tech MBA 2019.

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EdTech is a great industry. I would need to know more before recommending a programming language or web platform like wordpress. I wouldn’t recommend Facebook or Google Ads until I knew more about how you plan on monetizing your EdTech product. There are a lot of marketing options. Message me and we can discuss.



Finding investors can take time. There are a lot of ways to reach them. The biggest hurdle is finding your first investor. Having revenue will help. Send me a message and we can discuss.


Great question. Successful managers want to share in the success of the business. Two ways to help keep them are offering a quarterly profit sharing program and a stock ownership plan that vests over time.

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