Ashey HebrkersmanYoga Instructor and Disney Travel Master

I have degrees in History and Humanities while waiting for a field work position to open up for me to finish my Capstone. Expert in all Disney travel and park matters. Travel planning as well. Current Yoga Instructor and always learning more in this field too.

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Sorry for the situation you are currently in but seriously apply for everything, literally. If you think you can do the job apply. My husband was out of the military and needed a job and applied to everything imaginable and you know what? He got hired not for knowing how the job was done but because he was wiling to learn and now he is running the radios for oil wells for the whole company . Its all in how you project yourself you got this , stay positive.

A lot of value in having a domain with quality and original content. If you are wanting to have traffic going to your ecommerce site I would highly recommend you blog on that same domain. but keep in mind that your blog content should be interesting to the audience you are hoping to attract.

Before even beginning to think about launching your project you need to evaluate why you want to do it at all. Just doing it "because" is going to make you go mad, you'll want a reason to do it because it will be taking much of your time up. Make sure you go over strengths and weaknesses . If you are just doing a random journey story here and there I wouldn't add it but if you are great at bringing in people with your stories then that would be great because it would help people be more intend with your project . Keep a calendar that you can keep your deadlines on so you don't forget because I have seen this many times as well .

In the US, there are 5 states that have Seller of Travel Laws, California, Iowa , Hawaii Washington and Florida. , i.e. a travel agent license. It is always good to recheck though as states could change their rules as well to try and cash in on extra sources of revenue .

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