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I help businesses grow through Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I am Kenyan I can help with any question about Kenya and East Africa in general.

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Wow, congratulations on wanting to be an entrepreneur. This is a good decision and am sure you are going far. I will advise you to find a mentor who is successful in the same niche. With a mentor, he or she will help you overcome challenges and help you understand the business better. Entrepreneurship is hard work you need guidance, you need a lot of learning and a lot of research to succeed. Any good idea can thrive but it needs so much focus, knowledge and commitment to be successful.

Good luck, the sky is the limit for you.

the best way to start anything is to start. With clickfunnels apply to them directly. When you apply be specific on your target location, age of the target audience and generally make everything clear so that it will be easy for you to get results.

Good luck

Hi, there are few things to consider before choosing a platform to sell your product. First I would consider the primary location where the product is manufactured before I put it on a global market. All eCommerce platforms are good what really matters is what the intended customers know about the product. Most products in your niche sold eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay are products which have grounding already.

I would recommend you start your own website, create social media accounts, do marketing for the product before putting it on Amazon or eBay. The simple reason is these platforms work on reviews, when a product is new they are not the best platforms.

I would also recommend creating funnels because through that other people will market the product on your behalf. Depending on your target location you will get better results than eCommerce platforms. When the products start to sell well then list it on Amazon or eBay.

Good luck!

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