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Depending on your pricing, you could put together a webinar that explains the benefits of having a wiki page and then approach key influencers that have audiences that would be a good fit for the product. If the webinar converts, you have an asset in which the affiliates can lead with in promoting and this would also build your email list with the people who do not buy. These people you can continue to nurture.

The tough thing is that much of this comes the hard way by learning as you go. But, you can avoid this by learning from the mistakes and making a checklist or procedure for each webinar you run.

For example, I have had issues where the presenter could not get the presentation to load. So, we make sure there is a downloaded copy as well as a cloud version on ALL staff computers. We had one webinar where the internet connection could not allow the presenter to show the slides so we improvised and controlled them from a staff computer while the presenter spoke. Another issues is restarting computers a few hours before the webinar. Have you ever restarted and forgot there was a software upgrade set and it happens to install right before your webinar?!?! Yikes! Another issue is internet speed if there is a chance someone is on WIFI. Are you running a speed test before to make sure the connection is optimal? Do you have live support on the checkout page and having them prepared and trained prior to the webinar to answer sales questions? These are just a few of the things I do now as a routine for each webinar and all come from experience. I find that taking some of the advice you find here in these answers and from your own lessons, you can turn this into a procedure that you and your staff can use for each webinar. If you need help thinking through all the possible failure points, please reach out!

Try adding a video to the thank you page that builds trust between the registrant and the presenter. Give them next steps to take. Build excitement. Mention some free gift or workbook you will be giving away to the when they show up live. Have your emails leading up to the webinar build anticipation for the content and how it is going to solve their problem. Talk about students who have transformed after attending your webinar. 3 weeks is a long ways out for a webinar. Typically 4-7 days is a good range. People forget that long out. Give them a reminder in your thank you video to add to their calendar. Have plenty more tips. Hope this helps. Reach out if you need further assistance.

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