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I am a business consultant specializing in sales & marketing strategies. I focus on helping small businesses in maximizing their profit with the most efficient action plan.

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That sounds like an exciting role to be working. I am not sure whether you got any sold assistance from anyone yet.

For a business to maintain its performance, its employees have to follow the system and be on the same page.

For a business to grow, 10 - 20% of its employees have to be on the same page and willing to go the extra mile to provide extra value for its clients.

For a business to multiply its revenue within a short period of time, at least 50 - 75% of its employees have to not only be on the same page, they also have to be willing to change their habits and mindset, and willing to go the extra mile to provide extra value for its clients and contribute their strengths proactively to support the exponential growth of the company. Thus, you need a leader who is very clear on his or her vision to lead by example and has the ability to inspire the employees to grow together.

Here's just by quick two cents. Feel free to reach out to be if you want to share with me more about your company, your role in this growth, and how much influence & leverage you have in your position.

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