Sankar Das8+ years in working with 20+ entrepreneurs.

Founder/Project Lead at Mushemi Impact Consulting Ltd, Former Project Lead at Inspira Advisory and Consulting Ltd, Program Director at The Indus Entrepreneurs Global Network, Advisor at Chittagong Survey Limited, Professional Entrepreneurship Trainer, Former Regional Team Leader at an UK based social enterprise/non-profit.

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I founded a pro business consultancy in 2018, the chaos is evident for all types of business. For most startups, I advise them to clearly write down all the key aspects of their business and their working relationships. To improve quality, you must maintain the M.E.C.E method while jotting down the various tasks and their relations to the business. This helps with the operational plan. For performance measurement, a data management tool must be used (try smart sheets for coordination, information management & file sharing). For detailed steps on the measurement & analysis please schedule a call. Can you please specify the mission statement, the company size, the products and the annual turnover as a start ?

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