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Just because you are selling on Amazon or any other platform doesn't mean that you will not have to do your own marketing and promoting. So make sure you have targeted your audience and begin introducing your products and sparking interest.

Stop waiting for someone else and go out and market for yourself. Put you a resume together and go to some places and tell them what you do and inquire if they could use your services. One person don't stop anything. If you want to eat and survive in this world you must stop looking for excuses. So go make your own bids, go pitch your own sales, and go get your money.

In a time where everyone is transitioning to the virtual world it is easy to get lost in the chaos. Nonetheless, not impossible to maintain and sustain visibility. However there is a strategy and formula that you must apply with intention if you are going to survive it all.
a. You must be intention. This means you have to get over the give me something for nothing mentality. People in the virtual world are just as selfish as you. You must go the extra mile to create and develop your virtual relationships. This takes time and persistents. This means scheduling time to not only create post that match your brand, but also interacting and commenting on the posts of others and joining other groups with people who would potentially be interested in yours.
b. Learn to apply systems and automations in your brand. These exist because our time is the most valuable commodity that we have. This resource will help free up some of your time to do more of what you need to do.
c. Decide what kind of leader you are going to be and own it. The character of your group will assume whatever personal characteristics you possess. So if you are bored with it and discouraged, the members of your group will be less likely to engage. So take a personality test and discover your strengths and weaknesses before proceeding.
d. Leaders are problem solvers. It's obvious you have a problem. Leaders are also team players. It's who is a part of your team that makes all the difference. Connect with others who are winning at what you desire to see in your group and learn from them.

Like so many of us do, we try and fail at a number of things before we reach and master what we are passionate about. I would suggest:
a. Take a personality test and a career interest test (this can help guide you in understanding more about your personality type, identify strengths and weaknesses, and explore career fields that spike your interest).
b. Take a course that will help you put together a strong business plan. I offer one on my website and with everyone making the transition to the virtual world I am certain you will find something that will guide you in the right direction.
c. Learn how to apply systems and automations into your business. This will help keep you organized and minimize burnout. Again I offer this course and you can find plenty on the internet to suit you.
d. Invest in yourself a business coach. I am certain that this also is a part of the missing pieces that you are experiencing in your journey. I am not a coach but I will be glad to point you into the direction of some awesome individuals.

Understand the guidelines for the country you are desiring to impact is first. While understanding the rules of the country you can also research the problems and needs of the country and that will help you as you begin to narrow your focus on a profitable business idea (understanding what the problems are, how you can solve it or improve it, and how you can profit from your product or service). I suggest investing in a business coach or other similar service to help you develop your ideas and set you in motion toward success.

I develop my soft skills daily. If you want to be the best at what you do, you must be disciplined in preparing yourself to be the best.

When you are seeking out topics that interest your audience, it is important to be aware of what they need answers to. is a great place to research topics that people really want to know.

Just communicate the truth. Eventually he will heed to the message or be prepared for the consequences. Education institutions are clear on their policies and they are stated in handbooks, syallbi, etc. Communicate and support his decision and keep your conscious clear.

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