Justin Hamel$50 MILLION+ In Revenue Made From My Brand Names

As Seen on TV, entrepreneur magazine & many other publications! Since 2001 my brands have generated OVER $52 MILLION dollars in revenue & growing daily. CEO & Founder of Brand Names Inc. I have built over 500+ brand names.

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I'm a CBD expert! I'd love to speak more on this and make your cbd development process easy and successful!

I'd stay far away from penny stocks and invest that $500 into a domain name that you can easily flip for 10x the amount you pay. Won't take a lot of work and provides HUGE profit margins.

I have an amazingly effective two-step system to collect on debts owed. I would love to share this effective way to help you collect the cash you are owed. I have collected tens of thousands of dollars using this system I created over 20 years of bad debts. Talk soon!

There is a lots of important aspects of a product page here's a few to start:

- Page should match your facebook ad style
- Add to cart button should be professional looking
- Proper description
- Reviews & other social references
- Live chat button
- Exit pop

I'm a conversion optimization expert I'd love to help here. I'm always one call away.

I have sold lots of stores at:

- Flippa.com
- BrandNames.net
- Sedo.com

I'd love to help you find some great brands to add to your portfolio I'm always one call away!

Few of the easiest ways....

1. Effective case studies - multiple case studies showing how you solved major problems for other clients.

2. Celebrity endorsements - get co-signed by a notable figure will INSTANTLY boost your credibility and you can charge a premium price.

3. Media Coverage - getting into the media is EASY. Get featured on major media outlets like fox, hgtv, etc and then can advertise your services "as seen on tv"

There is lots of other ways too. I'm standing by if you want to pop on a quick call.

You have some on site stuff you need to resolve to start. There is over 50 pages that need some tune ups such as meta description touch ups, h1 headings, fix some duplicate stuff. I'd love to help fix these issues. Standing by if you wanna pop on a quick call to discuss further.

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