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Few of the easiest ways....

1. Effective case studies - multiple case studies showing how you solved major problems for other clients.

2. Celebrity endorsements - get co-signed by a notable figure will INSTANTLY boost your credibility and you can charge a premium price.

3. Media Coverage - getting into the media is EASY. Get featured on major media outlets like fox, hgtv, etc and then can advertise your services "as seen on tv"

There is lots of other ways too. I'm standing by if you want to pop on a quick call.

You have some on site stuff you need to resolve to start. There is over 50 pages that need some tune ups such as meta description touch ups, h1 headings, fix some duplicate stuff. I'd love to help fix these issues. Standing by if you wanna pop on a quick call to discuss further.

Cold emails!

Using a tool like prospect.io find the best people in each company to contact.

Once you have contacts in mind setup a drip email campaign.

Each email in the drip should be strategically written to bring some sort of value to the client reading it. (they don't have to be super long either)

If you need help along the way, I'm one call away!

Quickest Way:

Laser Targeted ppc ads; google, fb, ig

Couple Alternatives to this:

- Well written relevant emails to the founders

- Create killer content to naturally attract these founders

If you need any help making CultureBoom.co a success I'm always one call away.

Video production is in super high demand and a great lucrative niche!

I would start by building up your social media channels with your work. Showing off your skills. Demonstrating your value consistently.

Next find brands that get you motivated and offer them a free video for their brand. You will find 9 outta 10 brands are always looking for high quality video. Study their social media channels and if they are not using a lot of videos odds are they dont have a source of good video production.

Offering the free video will show your skills, help the brand and make them want to hire you (if you are good) and also can also go viral. Make sure to watermark the free video.

From there you just have to seal the deal with those brand and then you can start using them as a reference to your clients and that will surely help attract high paying clients.

I have lots of other ideas here too. If you need my help along the way Im just a call away.

I would start with some growth hacks to increase your sales without raising your costs that much.

1. Social media - provide valuable content related to your SAAS and the industry it targets. Build traction by showing case studies, customer reviews, how customers use your product and how it saves them time & their sanity.

2. Referrals - if you have happy customers who love your product you could create and easy referral program offering your happy customers an incentive for sharing your product. Make this very easy like 1-2 clicks. All the biggest SAAS companies have used this tactic to scale their users rapidly.

3. Create Content - Create valuable content on your website that will laser target your client base in the search engines for the problems they have, and how you can solve them. Along the same lines of the social media content creation... Case studies, how users use your product, videos, reviews, tips & tricks, etc.

I would set aside at least 30 minutes per day and focus on this. Ideally more time will increase sales. But the key is consistency.

I have lots of other ideas how to help here so if you need my help along the way Im just one call away.

There is a lot of ways to sell your value to clients. I would start off by creating a store of pre-made floor plans.

Building the store will give you the advantage and create the oppurtunity to show your skills and also create the possibility of selling the floor plans to make money.

On this store of floor plans I would create a strong call to action that makes customers aware you can do any type of custom design they can dream of.. Using a lead magnet to capture customer info.

If these are high ticket floor plans it may take some customers days/weeks/months to pull the trigger. Make sure to have a well written and planned email funnel setup to try and convert every single lead.

I would target end users first. This will build the demand and will make it easier to attract agents.

Instagram & facebook would be ideal places to show off your work too and build a build in customer base who will help spread the word of your skills just by sharing your designs.

I have brand names that sell digital products in the same manner you are looking to do. I can help you along the way if you need my help Im just a call away.

I would start by using some of the same techniques you used to grow your sales in the EU to enter the US market.

Producing consistent quality content on your website is essential. Along with a solid social media strategy.

From there once you develop a solid presence it will be very easy to reach out to more small distributors, centers, partners etc. and get them on board. Plus you if everything is done right you will have inbound leads wanting your product too.

Make sure your partners have a healthy margin and understand the demand for your product.

If you need any help along the way Im just a call away.

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