Rob McCradyFounder/CEO at RenegadeCitizen Clothing Company

Founder/CEO at RenegadeCitizen Clothing Company Wordpress guru and Shopify dude. I write about motivational stuff and I make some inspiring t-shirts too. My vision is to have everyone around the world wearing our shirts to represent how much of a badass you really are. Keep yourself inspired during those intense workout sessions. When the going gets tough, the tough put on their “Never Give Up” tank top as a physical reminder to keep on going. Show the world you’re a badass that never gives up. For those days when you need a little extra inspiration

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Blogging and social media are a lot of work. The best advice would be to focus on App Store Optimization (ASO). That will get you the most downloads. Then in your app to collect the user's email. Then you can keep them coming back, inform them of updates, increasing retention. Then you can put most of your effort into the product.

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I like Game Analytics, it's free too
but it's only for games to.
So it has all the metrics you need

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