Ryan GonzalesDirector of Design with over 15 years' experience.

Ryan Gonzales is the Director of Design for Shine Bathroom and the Founder of RG/E. He is the creator of the 6XP Framework for Delivering Great Product Experiences. Ryan curates design systems, manages user-centered design initiatives, and leads the teams and processes that drive them. Gonzales crafts compelling digital products, websites, and experiences for innovative brands. His clients include FedEx and Platinum Performance, where he created and implemented their design and UX process. Ryan Gonzales has completed various projects for Disney, Guitar Center, Sony, Skechers, and many others. His writing is featured in multiple publications, and he's a top writer for Design and Startups on Medium.

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I know this moment all too well. I've been on both sides of this one, and let me say - it's not as scary as you think.

If the new hire comes to the table with more to offer than previous hires, then it shouldn't be something you have to "sell". If you think you need to "sell" this new hire to your team and make great strides to prove his/her value to the team, you may not have the hotshot you think you do.

If your team is in it for the product, the vision - your vision, then they shouldn't be as concerned with the fact the new hire will be taking on more equity than they have. They should be on board with the idea that if this is THE guy to get things done, that they're that much closer to hitting the goal.

If you want to hop on a call and chat through the scenario and not talk about it in a semi-public forum, let's get on a call.

In my experience with the platform in your demographic (we sold apparel to men and women ages 18-25), we see a great deal of traffic converting through the use of great imagery. We saw an average conversion rate that was 10-15% greater than our Google campaigns or our media buys on various websites.

Ads anywhere can be tailored to your specific goal, and Facebook provides excellent ways to reach each of them.

If you have any questions, let's set up a short call and we can talk through the best strategy for you from a brand story perspective.

Rainmaker is designed specifically for the tasks you're looking to perform, and it's focused on conversions.

Frankly, you can do all of that with great plugins with the WordPress platform, but you're definitely better off going with Rainmaker if you're looking for an "out of the box" solution.

If you prefer to have the ultimate control over how things work, you go with WordPress, if you're looking for a pre-built rocket, go with Rainmaker.

If you have any more questions, let's set up a call and we'll get you where you need to be.

Hey there! When I was building Partly Marketplace (an online aggregator and commerce platform for auto parts), we had the same general questions about acquisition. The problem with charging a subscription fee for tourist advice is that "Advice" is an on-demand type of product. Most users would activate your service and then go dormant after a vacation until their next trip. This would reduce the "value" users would see in becoming subscribers/customers. I would suggest sticking with the on-demand feel of Clarity for monetization.

To answer the big question of acquisition and where your customers will come from, that's a pretty broad question that has multiple answers.

Depending on your budget you can run targeted campaigns on Facebook to drive traffic. Since you're looking to mobilize travel bloggers, I would assume you have a few available to blog about your service, or perhaps you can share their articles to show off the experts your platform has. These are some pretty low-cost options. You should decide who your product is really for... Is it a younger generation of traveler where you're competing with Google? Or is it an older generation of traveler where you're competing with classic guides and research?

Once you know the answer, you'll be able to determine what's important to them and produce a service that fills their needs.

In short, your biggest opportunity is to reach out to your network of bloggers and get their support, since you'll need their expertise when the customers start to come.

If you want to chat about this or if you have any User Experience related questions, you should go ahead an schedule a call - I'd be more than happy to discuss this further.

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